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We are fully licensed professionals who work solely on behalf of the buyer in a real estate transaction.

At Amplify Property Buyers, our main goal is to help the buyer find the right property, negotiate a fair price and conditions, and guide them through the entire property buying process. We also provide valuable insights into local market conditions and help connect buyers with other relevant professionals, such as mortgage lenders, conveyancers, builders and pest inspectors.

Meet the TEAM...

Aldo Soriano

Director & Buyer's Agent

Aldo's passion as a Buyer's Advocate all stemmed down from his experience with property buying and his love for providing the best possible client service.  With a career spanning multiple illustrious years in the realm of financial planning and wealth management, Aldo is the embodiment of expertise and dedication and is your local property expert in Brisbane. Having honed his skills with leading corporations in the finance sector, he possesses an intricate understanding of the financial world, a trait that not only sets him apart but also drives him to excel. When Aldo bought his first property, he discovered his passion for the real estate industry. Over the years, Aldo has bought and sold his own properties and realised that there was a lack of support for property buyers during the process which is why becoming a Buyers advocate was a no brainer as it aligns with his values.

Core Values

Commitment & Drive: Aldo is not just goal-oriented, he's goal-driven. He thrives on setting benchmarks and pushing boundaries, always striving for that extra mile.
Client-Centric Approach: For Aldo, the client's vision and aspirations are paramount. He believes in not just advising but understanding, ensuring every recommendation stems from a place of deep understanding and aligned interest.
In-depth Knowledge: His extensive experience in finance has endowed Aldo with invaluable insights and knowledge. This acumen, paired with his innate analytical skills, means Aldo always brings an informed perspective to the table.

Merging his profound understanding of finance with the world of property buying, Aldo offers a unique blend of expertise. For clients looking to buy property, this means not just guidance on the right property, but also insights into the financial implications, long-term investment outlook, and strategies to maximise returns.

"Meet Aldo Soriano - Director of Amplify Property Buyers | Expert Buyer's Agent"  Looking for a top notch buyers agent.

Jeannette Soriano

Fully Licensed Buyer's Agent

Jeannette Soriano is a highly driven professional with a profound passion for property and a strong commitment to helping individuals achieve their real estate goals. Recognising her calling as a buyer's agent, Jeannette embarked on a journey to combine her love for property with her innate desire to assist people in finding their dream homes. With valuable experience gained from her tenure at Economic Development Queensland, the land use planning and property development agency of the Queensland Government, Jeannette possesses an extensive background in delivering new residential communities and urban precincts.

As a fully licensed agent, Jeannette strives to uphold the principles of transparency, integrity, and respect in all her interactions with clients. She recognises the significance of purchasing a property and is dedicated to providing her clients with an honest and trustworthy experience. Through thorough research, meticulous home inspections, and adept negotiation skills, Jeannette ensures that her clients are well-informed and empowered to make informed decisions throughout the buying process.

With double degrees and a master's degree under her belt, Jeannette possesses a strong acumen for research, which she skillfully applies to analyse market trends and identify optimal investment opportunities. Moreover, her exceptional communication and engagement skills enable her to effectively liaise with real estate agents and negotiate deals professionally on behalf of her clients.

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